Monday, July 25, 2016

The Technomancer

UPDATED: 25th of July 2016

25th of July 2016 - Initial release of the fix

Issues Fixed: 
- Ambient illumination halos
- Bloom Halos
- Light Halos
- Some God Days
- UI pushed to depth

- " F2" key toggle between UI pushed at IniParams.x fixed depth or Stereo Depth (Usable to allign the enemy nameplates in combat)
- "F3" toggle between 2 convergence presets: 4.0 and 60.0. (See below for more information)

Known Issues: 
- Main Menu is not fixed.
- All the shaders have the headers stripped. 
- The Shadows (and various other effects) render perfect at a convergence lower than 4.0 (pushed to infinity)
- Shadows are disabled if convergence is higher than 4.0. Use F3 to toggle to a convergence values to obtain "toyification".
- Currently there is no way to fix the shadows without having access or knowing what the matrices are.

See image ONE for stereo pushed at infinity (with shadows).
See image TWO for stereo with a good convergence (shadows are disabled).

TB and SBS Mode: 
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

Download Fix: 
The Technomancer - 3D Vision Fix

- Extract the .zip where  EXE is located

Technical Discussions, Feedback & Help: 
Please visit 3D Vision Forums for any discussions related to this fix.
If you feel like you want to donate:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death (DX11)

- Force game to run in full screen to enable 3D.
- Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- All kind of 2D world models (fire, water, terrain, mointains, glass, smoke, etc)
- UI Intercative elements now are dynamics

- " 9" key toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence
- "Xbox RB button" toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence

Know Issues:
- One source light have some clipping on sides. In others lights i fix also the clipping, but this one i can't get it.
- Sometimes smoke change color and flicker...this is a game issue.

TB and SBS Mode: Thanks to bo3b to update the wrapper!!!
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Using MSI afterburner or similar, make the game crash at start. Close it.

- Extract the .zip where  EXE is located

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

XCom 2

After many months, and nearly 100 hours logged in game to complete this, I'm extremely pleased to finally present you with this complete fix for this eXtraordinary game!

-Lighting, Shadows, & SSAO
-Halos... lots and lots of halos
-Some screen space reflections
-Fog of war

Remaining Issues:
-A lot of lighting and effects get clipped at extreme ranges and angles
-MSAA  could not be fixed
-Some reflections are close, but not quite perfect
-Again, there were SO many broken effects causing halos I wouldn't be surprised if some slipped through the cracks on me


1. Download fix here: Version 1.0 

2. Extract archive to game location that contains XCom2.exe, which is in the \XCOM 2\Binaries\Win64\ folder

3. Either import the XCOM2_profile.nip using Nvidia Inspector, or you must set the StereoFlagsDX10 setting to 0x00004000 by following these instructions

4. Game settings: the only setting that's mandatory is to set AntiAliasing to FXAA or Disabled, unfortunately cannot use MSAA since that uses a different lighting shader that for some reason could not be fixed the same way as the others. I also highly recommend turning off Dirty Lens, which causes ugly lens flares. You might also wish to turn Screen Space Reflections, since half of them are fixed and half are close approximations (I personally preferred to keep them on ;)). All other settings I ran on the highest, but in my testing lowering them should be fine.

5. Key Presets: Because Xcom 2 uses several different views, which change rapidly, I've created several combo presets that change the Convergence and HUD depth accordingly as follows.

Key       Values                                        Best Use
F1          Convergence: 10                        This is best used for on the world map screen or during
              HUD: 0% into screen                 hacking sequences

F2          Convergence: 100                      This is the best view for the cinematic action cam and at the
              HUD: 5% into screen                 XCom base. It's a good general preset to use.

F3          Convergence: 500                      This is a good preset for use in missions during the tactical
              HUD: 30% into screen               planning / movement, has a little more 'toyification' effect
                                                               than the last setting. Also ok at XCom base when not
                                                               zoomed in.

F4          Convergence: 1000                    Same as last preset, but with an even more extreme
              HUD: 55% into screen               toyification effect!

Caps      Cycles between all 4                  An alternate method, where pressing this key will cycle
Lock      presets                                       through the 4 different settings, instead of having to
                                                               remember which key corresponds to which view, you can
                                                               just press Caps Lock until the screen looks ok.

Also, these keys do the following:

\ key: disables the HUD and fog of war (useful for scoping out the landscape. Still can't see enemy layouts though)
] key: cycles through various HUD depths without changing the convergence

Special Thanks to:
-3DMigoto team for all their hard work, of course!
-4EverAwake, whom started working on this game first, and provided me with his WIP to start with when he found out I was willing to work on this one
-The rest of the Geforce community for keeping me motivated to see this one through to completion

Like this fix? Fixes take a lot of time and effort, so donations are always welcome and appreciated!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Darksiders (new 2016 fix)

New 3D Vision fix for Darksiders. The previous fix ( was an HUD improvement that didn't fix many broken effects, so this new fix covers that.


- All haloing issues (portals, water, fire effects, weapons, mist walls, fog, etc).
- Skybox and similar things now at 100% depth (they were too near the camera).

Not fixed:

- Some light clipping in cathedrals (some window lights in the floor).
- The image inside portals is flat.


- Convergence presets in keys "1" and "2" (not in the numpad). You can save new separation and convergence presets with ctrl+F7.
- Key "3" (not in the numpad) cycles through HUD depth presets. By default, it's at screen depth.
- HUD improvements from the previous fix are included too, in the "HUD shaders folder". If you don't use them, HUD will always be at screen depth.

Download link:

Instructions on how to get it working and also avoid judder (this has bothered me for years and now there is a solution):

1- Unzip the contents of the fix in the "Darksiders" folder (root folder of the game).
2- Copy the "DarksidersPC.exe" file and name the copy as "MassEffect.exe" (if you force AA in Nvidia Inspector, you will have to do it in the Mass Effect profile).
3- Add "MassEffect.exe" to Steam as a non Steam game (Steam will keep tracking time and achievements for the game, although achievements were always buggy).
4- Enter Big Picture mode in Steam.
5- Boot the game through the shortcut that directs to your "MassEffect.exe" (using Big Picture is what fixes the judder).

IMPORTANT: if you alt+tab out of the game and then go back, you will get judder.

How to have HUD depth:

As with the old fix, you will probably need HUD shaders with different filenames. Here are the names of my files ("HUD shaders" folder) and what they control:

- "B2CCF413.txt": health bar.
- "DDED89F5.txt": weapon XP bar.
- "E229F6B7.txt": main HUD shader, which also contains the crosshairs.
- "118229BB.txt": text in the HUD.
- "A21C2D79.txt": minimap. You won't need to change the name of this one.
- "53A2EE26.txt": map. You won't need to change the name of this one.

Place the map and minimap files into the "shaderoverride/vertexshaders" folder. If you place the other files and the HUD hotkey doesn't work or you don't see crosshairs at depth, you will need to use the debug dll to know the name of the files you need.

- Rename the "d3d9.dll" to something else.
- Rename the "debugd3d9.dll" to "d3d9.dll".
- Boot the game (following the previously mentioned instructions).
- You will see a line of red text at the top of the screen.
- Load into the game, and enter the equipment menu.
- Now, use the debugger's hotkeys to search for the shaders we need. Use NUM5 to advance and NUM4 to decrease. Start increasing the number.
- Look for the following elements to turn off: [1] texts, [2] menu art, [3] sword XP progress bar, and [4] green part of the health bar.
- Each time you select a VS that turns off one of these elements, write a note with what that element is, and the eight-digit CRC. The CRC is the characters after the "0x" part.
- When you find all four, exit the game and go into the "shaderoverride/vertexshaders" directory and find the following text files: [1] 118229BB.txt, [2] E229F6B7.txt, [3] DDED89F5.txt, [4] B2CCF413.txt.
- Rename each of these filenames to the corresponding CRC you wrote down.
- Important: open the "DX9Settings.txt" that is located in the root folder of the game, and find the "[VSE229F6B7]" line. Change that to "[VSXXXXXXXX]", where "XXXXXXXX" must be the name of your main HUD shader (which previously was "E229F6B7").
- Now, when you relaunch the game you should find that these four interface elements render with depth if you press the "3" key, or crosshairs if you make them appear. If not, double check that you have properly located each of your personal CRCs and matched them to the fixed CRCs.
- When all is working, delete or rename the debugging "d3d9.dll", and rename the release version to "d3d9.dll".

Friday, July 8, 2016

LEGO Marvel's Avengers (DX11)

- HUD Improvements

- Unlock Convergence
- Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- HUD (not perfect)
- Halos in effects

- "P" key for recommended convergence
- "O" key for cinematics convergence
- " I" key toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence
- "Xbox Back Button" toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence

Know Issues:
- HUD is not perfect, this game have a lot of HUD elements....fixing one, break another.

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Extract the .zip where DX11 EXE is located
- Start the game in DX11


** Do you like the fix? **
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Totalwar Warhammer [DX11]

Special thanks to Mikear69 for its help and support,
Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto/flugan  
Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword,Chiri, Flugan...  and the community
that without them, this would not be posible.

thank you

upload with nvapi64.dll 1.2 2016-07-25

sorry, in sometime i uploaded the 32bits version from 3dmigoto instead of 3dmigoto 64bits 1.2.40, i dont know if that it is the problem or...

notes for testing 1.1 2016-07-17

hi, i continue trying it

Campaign Map. 
The shadows are not good when the cam it is up, 

the best result that i see with the fix it's with Shadow high, in ultra or extreme there is a shadow that i have no fix yet.

Battles Scenes.
I have good result with shadows in high or ultra. 

Battles Scenes unit icons.
I get the depth from the shadows, so i think the shadows must be in ultra or high to see it in stereo.

Snow Scene
There is a problematic shadow, it can be disabled in the d3dx.ini


Far Field
Another problematic shadow, it some scenes

;1a0c75cbb0656b5b-vs_replace.txt FAR FIELD no fix


update 1.1 2016-07-09

minor but important fix, 
hud over unit in battles, now in stereo 

Release 1.0 2016-07-08

Hi, the previous version had a lot problem, ( the game it is being complicated ) 

small History. 

The shadows was good but the main problem that i found it is the effects was only rendered for one eye. I think it is better to play without shadows than without effects, so...

The only solution that i have can found at the moment it is to add 
Setting ID_0x702442fc = 0x1c220024 InternalSettingFlag=V0
to the nvidia profile, and then all the particles are rendered ok, but all the shadows was broken !!! ,

The other setting it is only for compatible mode, 
Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x07f58253 InternalSettingFlag=V0
if you want play only in compatible you can delete the shaderfixer folder if you have problem and try, but it is not real 3d

It is a tedious task try to fix them, one for one, but...
i think i will be fixed.

With this release i would like some feedback if someone can try again, and say me to continue.

New Fixes.
- Lens Flare
- I thinks some problematic Shadows about all in the vegetation, that uffff
- Some Lights, in champion units.

i have only  have time to play the different maps in  battles adventures of karlz Franz, and another but day o normal scenes, no night or snow, or...
 i will continue playing and testing and searching for more shadows.


preRelease 0.99 2016-07-05

hi, this it is a wip, hot hot yet but i would like to share, i have been all weekend totally crazy with it, but i know that i will be fixable, now it is playable )))) 
I have only try the campaign map and the first adventure battle yet, i can not play yet, but i update the fix in nexts days, i hope )))

thanks you 

- main shadows and lights
- floating shadows ufff in battles, it is was terrible to found it grrrr
- particles effects fire, smoke, blood,.. (it need tip for the profile )
- campaign Map 

1delete previous version if you have it. ./ShaderFixers and d3dx.ini

2unpack new version rar  this v1.2
 to XXX:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Total War Warhammer or similar

3. VERY IMPORTANT ( advanced users ), i will post a guide in the next days.

it is necesayr to add the lines that i put in bold, about all the second one, for fix the particles effects. 

Profile "Total War: WARHAMMER"
    ShowOn GeForce
    ProfileType Application
    Executable "launcher/launcher.exe" FindFile="warhammer.exe"
    Executable "warhammer.exe" FindFile="libeay32.dll"
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x080010f5
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x106d5cff = 0x00000000
    Setting ID_0x10f9dc81 = 0x00000011
    Setting ID_0x701eb457 = 0x2241ab21 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7049c7ec = "웪ꑌ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x704d456e = "쪧⃟쁽�㓵傯娶簯鹭瀩딞ᤫ友�빣᱐뼘褲籇謦⑃贡㰉矖粖ꗶ熙胞㖰뫥뚏ᯍ쐙낃锎䭱乃솣᝺ᢌ୶譹壬嫩ͩ囍ᚿ誛㉵跽躭桚ⶎ䂒騷" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7051e5f5 = "籪鸙" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x708db8c5 = 0x5c7c0882 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709a1ddf = 0x4b1cd968 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x70edb381 = 0x24208b6c InternalSettingFlag=V0

    Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x07f58253 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x702442fc = 0x1c220024 InternalSettingFlag=V0

This it is a fix for dx11 version only 

I recomend my setting for testing, and after go enabling some others options if you want. 
i will post a picture with my setting, better test from low to high

- windows 10
- nvida driver 368.39
- Antialiaising: Disabled
- Visor: 2D
- Vignetter: Disabled
- ssao: Disabled

- shadows and in general: medium or ultra ( better )
- texture filter: Anisotropic x8 x4
- Ambient Shadows: Disabled
- distorsion effect: no tested
- mods: no tested, althought i think it wil work
- dlcs: no tested

Known Issues
- Campaign map not totally fixed, i need to find a better fix for the road, some minimum glitches yes 
- Campaign map, one reflections shadow in the river, the main it is ok now, the game it is playable with it, but it i hope can be fixed.
- Hud Unit, in battles icons  in 2d, i found a aproximation fix for them, but i continue testing
- Snow Scenes, no good yet, there is a main shader that need to be fixed.
- Sure more,... i continue testing and working 
- others scenes, night rain,... no tested yet

you say me guys ))) thanks for testing